158 firearm deaths is 158 too many

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January 30, 2013 01:00 AM

I would like to respond to the letter Cars, Knives Kill More People Every Year Than Firearms (The Daily News, Jan. 24)

Though I appreciate the fact that you took the time to look up Canadian statistics, I must say that your paradigm is skewed and clearly biased. You have made some valid points, although some of your arguments were not fully unfurled.

Firstly, no one claims that guns "kill people all by themselves." You're right, it's absolutely the mistake or ill-intent of the people that use them, as it is with is knives and drunk driving.

But to imply that people shouldn't be scared of guns, or harsher laws should not be in place to protect the public, is obscene.

Drunk driving is a tragedy, that's why laws have changed to decrease the legal blood-alcohol content, an intervention that has clearly made a difference in Canadian deaths.

There are also laws against concealed weapons and type of knifes one is allowed to own. Considering the number of knife-related deaths, maybe these laws should also be more prohibitive.

The photo shows semi-automatic guns, long-distance scopes and collapsible stocks (used in close-quarter combat). I cannot fathom a reason to house these kinds of guns.

The fact that guns like these are legally accessible increases the probability that these guns may reach the wrong hands and when used, cause a lot of carnage. What an ironic time to advocate for gun ownership when three children in Canada have tragically died in the past two weeks due to firearms.

More restrictive laws should be in place for guns and if you ask me, 158 deaths because of firearms in 2011 is 158 too many. Anything that our government and law enforcement can do to protect the public should be done whether it is drinking and driving, knives, or guns.



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