Addict gets probation for rage against machine

'This involved collecting some amount of money for a drug debt'

Kamloops Daily News
January 4, 2014 01:00 AM

When he couldn't obtain cash through theft and threats, a Kamloops man took out his anger on a bank machine.

A provincial court judge ordered Trevor Newton, 35, to pay restitution of $5,000 to the Royal Bank for damaging the machine at a North Kamloops branch.

Defence lawyer Kevin Walker told the court that his client was under the influence of drugs when he committed a string of related offences in September 2013. Newton is known to police and has a lengthy criminal record.

"Police confirm this," Walker said. "The source of Mr. Newton's offending is drug addiction. This involved collecting some amount of money for a drug debt."

RCMP were alerted when they received a call from Raphael Jules, who reported that he was threatened by Newton and forced to hand over his bank card.

Bank surveillance video revealed that the two men spent 90 minutes at the automated bank machine, which was out of order at the time. After an hour of trying in vain, Newton started to attack the machine.

Four days after the bank episode, Newton was arrested again on an unrelated matter, stealing from Canadian Tire. He was found in possession of Jules' bank cards and identification.

Since September, Newton has been in custody at KRCC, where he received drug and alcohol counselling. He was credited for time served and was given a year of probation as well.

Newton said he'll spend the next 72 days at the Kinghaven Treatment Centre in Abbotsford, which offers community integration after treatment. He grew up in Kamloops but has no plans of returning here, he said. By breaking ties - other than his responsibility to his daughter - he hopes to start a new life.

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