All talk no action on electoral reform

Kamloops Daily News
February 20, 2013 01:00 AM

Re: Electoral Reform Making A Comeback (The Daily News, Feb. 12).

I enjoyed Mr. Les Leyne's informative overview of electoral reform. It appears electoral reform is becoming the topic currently in fashion.

But, the issue unmentioned is the real possibility of reform.

However much the pundits like to write about electoral reform, rarely do they have any proposal of their own.

And, not having their own proposals, they will thoroughly dismiss any proposal presented by anyone else.

The "voting system that would have revolutionized elections was rejected by the people" because powerful voices were against change. Those powerful voices are party decision makers, political back-room persons, many pundits and like-minded news media, who misrepresented many of the facts regarding the "revolutionary" election system. Because they consider voters are incapable of handling the power the "revolutionary" system would have given to voters.

So, the political status quo wants the status quo. Talk about political dysfunction and the need for revolution all you want, just do not do anything.

There are those in politics who do desire change, only being too vocal and being active could bring a revocation of nomination.

Nevertheless, if voters decide to bring about electoral revolution, it is possible.



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