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Kamloops Events

Kelly J. Pape's "Inside the Imagination of Kelly Pape: Starting With a Photograph...
Arts and Culture

GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday, 1;30pm-5pm

"My desire is to creatively showcase the world around me using photography to tell a compelling story that creates an emotional reaction. Many times that means producing a photograph that illustrates the magnificence of animals or the grandeur of nature.

Passion motivates me to head out before sunrise and stay out after dark to capture the best light. It also drives me to continually learn and experiment. Many of my shots are a blend of photography with the strokes of a paintbrush in post production to create dreamlike, ethereal imagery.

Providing a fresh view of everyday life while discarding the labels requires being very observant. To convey a clear vision and simplicity in every image is my goal.

Photography allows me to see beauty everywhere - in everything.

I have always been a visual person. Photography became my passion back in high school while developing film and producing the school annuals. Once moving to Kamloops, I became a founding member of the Kamloops Photo Arts Club. In 2003, the switch was made from shooting slides to the new world of digital. That expanded my creativity with the use of software to process an image. While owning a newspaper for 26 years, I honed my skill for composition and scale through years of typesetting display ads.

My work has been featured in PhotoLife Magazine, Home for the Holidays, MLS Listings, cookbooks, SPCA, calendars and juried exhibitions like Artwalk in Lake Country. These days my primary focus is pushing the limits of photography and continuing to develop my vision."
Venue: Wilson House Gallery
115 Tranquille Road, Kamloops B.C.

Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Contact Info:
Kathy Sinclair

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