Tuesday August 26, 2014

Police baffled by exploding excrement

The presence of a large Vancouver Canucks flag could be the motivation behind an explosion of human excrement that soiled a Barnhartvale homeowner’s backyard on the weekend.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Grant Learned said police were dispatched in response to a loud bang and flash of light on the 8900-block of Badger Drive just before 10 p.m. Sunday.

The officers were greeted with a messy crime scene the likes of which they had never seen before, Learned said Monday. A couple of two-litre milk bottles hung from a fence, the tops taped shut and the bottoms blown out.

“A strong odour of excrement prevailed at the scene, where human excrement had been propelled throughout the yard,” he said.

There was no sign of an accelerant and inquiries with the neighbours didn’t generate any leads. Learned said a similar incident was reported at the same house on May 11, when the homeowner found a plastic drink bottle full of human feces resting against a compost box that evening.

“The bottle had a wick attached with electrical tape and there was clear evidence that an attempt to light the wick had been made. However, the wick appeared to have burned out before any damage was done,” he said, adding a large Canucks flag was present in the yard at the time.

Building and detonating organic incendiary devices is a criminal offence and has the potential to injure anyone in the vicinity of the explosion, said Learned. There is also a chance of contaminating people or property impacted by the explosions.

Anyone with information is asked to phone Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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