Saturday August 30, 2014

Don’t base Ajax decision on scare tactics

The Ajax mine is a very significant proposal. It has potential to boost the economy locally, provincially and even federally. There would be employment opportunities; and yes, there would be environmental impacts. I, for one, am evaluating the information available and waiting for the results of the review process before making a decision. 

Material on the stopajaxmine website seems questionable to me. For example, why is some far-off mine (An Example of The Mess Left by Mining) used to highlight possible impacts versus the more concrete results of the Jocko and Afton mines, or even Highland Valley?

Other questions regarding the website include:

1. What criteria were used to determine the significance of values that might be impacted? For example:

* "Prime recreational and migratory bird.”

* “Most important and productive fishing lakes.”

2. What analysis was completed to support the likelihood of the negative impacts described on the website? Or the severity of these impacts?     

The best approach to decision-making, in my opinion, does not include the use of scare tactics, unsupported innuendo and mass "rallying" against the boogeyman.

We have great social benefits in this province and country, yet people want ever more government support. We have a provincial government running a deficit and a municipal government taking a bigger bite every year. The money has to come from somewhere.

NIMBYism does not work if we want to maintain the government services and community health all of us enjoy, and want to improve. We need a reasoned approach to making decisions for the future; not simply an attitude of "STOP" this. 

Every activity that we as humans participate in has both benefits and costs. Let's go with the best-reasoned options.

If it matters, I am a long-time resident of Aberdeen.



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