Thursday August 21, 2014

Story scares doctors away

Are you trying to screw us out of doctors or industry? Take your pick! (Re: Nov. 20 story, Could Mine Mean Fewer Doctors?).

Shame on The Daily News for printing an article that deters any health-care workers from coming here when we so desperately need them.

Why would The Daily News run articles detrimental to our health? You write the paper, you know how bad our health-care system is, or maybe you don’t?

In our opinion, you are not only screwing yourselves, but 15,000 people without doctors.

I’m very disappointed in The Daily News for including the other front-page story (Doctor Who Wants to Return Makes Plea) of an expatriate’s opinion who chose to leave B.C. to pursue her career as a doctor, most likely for more money!

My husband and I moved here from Fort McMurray, Alta., more than five years ago and we love it here. We have great friends and have prospered.

But, we’ve had overwhelming situations with our family that needed a GP (and continue to do so), and we still can’t get one!



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