Tuesday September 02, 2014

First wave of faux meter bills coming soon

With more than two-thirds of water meters installed in Kamloops homes, those who have the devices will soon start finding out how much water they use.

City utilities director David Duckworth said Tuesday the first round of sample bills will go out in February, 2013. So far, it’s expected 60 per cent of residents will pay about the same as they are now.

The mock billings give residents a chance to see how much water they use so they can take steps to reduce consumption.

Coun. Nancy Bepple asked how much impact the meters have had on water use so far.

Duckworth said last summer, peak demand reached 117 megalitres. In the past, it’s been as high as 152 megalitres.

“So people are more conscious of the water they use. No doubt meters are helping. We're pretty confident meters have resulted in a 10 per cent reduction in household use.”

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