Tuesday September 02, 2014

New hockey skills needed to compete

It was sad to see the results for Canada in the World Junior Tournament 2013.  Even though we had a very good team representing us we have to finally face reality and admit that we are no longer the superpower we once were.  

The rest of the world having learned from us has now passed us in almost every capacity except bone-crunching hits.  When will we ever stop listening to Don Cherry and his never ending jibberish about the good old tough, hard-hitting Canadian boy.

I think Hockey Canada needs to sit back and take notice of the superior speed and skill of the Europeans.  This is where we need to focus with our young players.  The dump-and-chase system is no longer acceptable.  

We now have to learn from the rest of the world to teach the skills necessary to carry the puck in and set up plays.  We cannot rely any longer on slowing down and neutralizing superior skills by banging and crashing opponents into the boards. We need to change our approach to the game if we are to be successful again.

That is not to say body contact should be eliminated but rather more emphasis needs to be placed on speed and skill development.



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