Tuesday September 02, 2014

Do we really need a new City Hall?

In response to the two letters last week suggesting locations for a new City Hall, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and question whether we need to build one.

Right now, we have a City Hall campus, made up of the main City Hall and the Development Services building kitty-corner to it.

With the communications and computer technology already in use today, there’s no need for every City department to be in the same building.

If the City needs more space, and assuming there’s not something terribly wrong with the existing buildings, it could simply purchase a third building in the 100 block of Victoria or Seymour streets to add to the campus.

This would cost much less than a new building and would absorb some of the glut of vacant office space downtown. We could then use the money saved to maintain and enhance our roads, water and sewer, which should be the City’s primary concern.

The reverse is true. If we build a new City Hall — it would cost a lot more and would add two more vacant office buildings into an oversupplied market.



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