Tuesday September 02, 2014

Blazer bears bring joy all around

It is exciting when Blazer fans toss teddy bears onto the ice celebrating the team’s  first goal of the season. While their emotions run high in the moment, it is the people who receive the teddy bears who also experience a wide range of emotions.

At the Pine Grove Christmas party, "Elvis" entertained the crowd. As he knelt in front of a listless elderly lady and sang, he tucked a teddy bear into her arms.

Her eyes widened and her face was transfixed with a huge smile, she clutched the teddy bear throughout the concert. Other emotions were amusement, laughter, and joking. While Santa and the elves distributed the gifts, it would not have been possible without the Kamloops Blazers Booster Club and the thousands of fans. It takes a lot of money, time and thought to buy these special teddy bears as well as lots of organizing.

The teddy bears are meant to be gifts to the residents only but truly when relatives, friends and staff witness the joy on their loved one's faces the Blazers teddy bears become a gift of joy for everyone.

I still smile when I walk into my husband’s room and see the Blazers teddy bears “keeping an eye on him.”  We (the Pine Grove Resident Society, staff, residents and families) all thank you for your great generosity.



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