Saturday August 30, 2014

Comparing guns to hammers silly

In regard to Ron Oliver’s letter Firearms Don’t Kill People (The Daily News, Jan. 18), while I am not a gun owner and probably never will be, I have no problem of people owning guns for hunting or target practice.

Yes, while many objects such as hammers, knives, tire irons, and even bare hands are used to kill people that is not their main purpose.

Guns are manufactured for one reason alone — to kill from afar and in the case of semi-automatic weapons many people at once.

Other than using a bomb, I don’t think the perpetrators of mass shooting would have much success in killing multitudes of people if they are running around with a knife, hammer, etc.

Guns kill, that is their main purpose, period.

Please stop comparing them to any other inanimate object. It is illogical.



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