Tuesday September 02, 2014

Neighbours look out for each other

I love my cul-de-sac. Generally speaking, I think I have some of the greatest neighbours ever. Never is that more evident than it is when the snow falls.

We are all in varying stages of middle age. Some of us have bad backs, some have bad knees, and some work at various times of the day. But when that snowplow comes around the street, we can always count on someone, or a group of more than one, to go out and clear the piles left in front of driveways or five feet from the curb.

Yes, we shake our heads, wondering why the truck couldn’t make one more pass. And, yes, some of us can clear only five feet while others are capable of clearing 30 feet. But thanks to the group effort, our little cul-de-sac is free of snow piles all winter.

So thank you to my neighbours on the end of the 1900 block of Sedgwick Drive. You are all true neighbours and it is a privilege to live next to you.



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