Friday August 29, 2014

Selfless acts deserve praise

Kudos to the oldtimer hockey players who braved the ice of the Thompson River Wednesday evening to pluck a woman and her two dogs from the deathly cold river.

It's always uplifting to see people risk their own safety for the sake of others. The selflessness required to risk one's life is worth more than can be expressed in words.

Such decisions must be made in the instant danger is recognized. There is little or no time to assess the personal risks. In such cases, there is inherent risk to individuals who act based on instinct. We often criticize those who "act before thinking," but as this case demonstrates there are times when there is much good in doing just that.

Bert Kent, Bob Reid and Tom Blair deserve our community's thanks.

Their actions did more than save a woman. Such sacrifice goes a long way to preserve — even restore — faith in humanity.

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