Monday September 01, 2014

Hold the line on City spending

I had the pleasure of attending a recent Kamloops budget meeting and I just want to comment on a few items.

Nice presentation and lots of fancy graphs but I don't think they are getting the message about holding the line on tax increases.

Every year we are told there is going to be a large increase in taxes and at the last minute councillors have managed to get the increase down to what they call a manageable amount.

Looking at the graph they provided, this so-called manageable amount since 2003 has added up to 21.37 per cent, not counting the 3.85 per cent for this year. This year’s increase included equals 25.22 per cent. For many pensioners the increase in pensions has equalled zero per cent. These increases in taxes, user fees (just another form of taxation) and water and sewer rates are making things very tight for not only pensioners but the working people who earn minimum wages or slightly above.

I think things will get tougher in the future and I believe we should be looking at holding the line on projects that are not necessary.

Keep up the needed infrastructure repairs, hold the line on hiring or even reduce staff through attrition.



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