Friday August 29, 2014

Hazy days on the way out, forecaster says

Tired of the clouds over Kamloops?

You’ll be happy to know relief is on its way, although it may be short-lived, like last Friday’s burst of sunshine.

Environment Canada weather specialist Jim Steele said an absence of strong winds and a weak high-pressure system have combined in recent days, making Kamloops seem more like a misty, English moor than the semi-arid city we know.

“You’ve got lots of water sources in the Kamloops area and they’re all adding to the moisture levels. As we cool at night, we get this layer of low clouds that just kind of settles in,” said Steele.

“Then, as the day goes on, it lifts a little bit.”

On Friday, strong winds stirred the clouds just enough to produce a few hours of sunshine before the city was socked in for a weekend of gloomy grey weather.

The sunshine is expected to return today and Wednesday and could bring with it warmer temperatures.

“If we can stir this cloud around, we have the potential to get to plus five or six degrees (Celcius), but we’ve got to clear this cloud out of here because at night it works like a blanket; we don’t get cold but the exact opposite happens in the daytime; we don’t get warm.”

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