Monday September 01, 2014

Asbestos scare shuts down gym at TRU

Substance that appeared to be asbestos tumbled out of holes in walls

Thompson Rivers University's International Days wrap up party blew the stuffing out of the gym — literally.

The gym was closed over the weekend after a substance that may have been asbestos tumbled out of a few holes in the walls.

It's believed that blaring music during Friday's party shook the insulation out of the holes, which were caused when previous activities required anchor points.

The stuff amounted to a few tablespoons, according to a TRU spokesperson.

It caused some concern since it may have contained asbestos, a now banned substance that was formerly used in insulation and found to cause the rare form of cancer, mesothelioma, if breathed in extensively.

On Tuesday, campus maintenance crews will determine whether it is asbestos. Depending on the results, it may lead to more work as insulation is replaced.

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