Saturday August 23, 2014

Use you own and leave mine alone

Went to the Eric Church concert in Penticton Friday night, and saw another great performance by the SOEC staff, volunteers and fans alike.

Eric Church is a self-proclaimed musician, redneck and stoner, and I will allow Eric to choose the order. He is from our U.S. family in the south, a native of one of the Carolinas. Now I like Jesus, grace and Springsteen. I like riding my Harley in the Okanagan heat, I have drank my share of beer, and those who know me will tell you that I was young once.

But the next time son you come to my town with a flag and a marijuana leaf, use you own, and leave mine the hell alone. Jack Daniels ain't the only thing that can kick your sorry white little redneck ass.

“If you have any respect for the music, you'll use each chance you get to try to be one of the ones who moves the flag.” Eric Church



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