Friday August 29, 2014

Liberals lack ‘ethical compass’

Like many of my friends, I am appalled by the almost $17 million in taxpayer-funded B.C. Liberal partisan advertising that continues to bombard us.

I am also embarrassed by the grandiose expenditure of a further $11 million of public money for a Bollywood awards ceremony created especially for the B.C. Liberals to fit their election timetable.

Now, they have been caught using taxpayer resources within government to directly benefit their re-election campaign.

From the Premier’s Office to the Liberal caucus to the public service, this hidden plan was designed to pander to ethnic communities and court their votes before the May 14 election.

The plan included making apologies in recognition of historical wrongs such as the Chinese head tax and the Komagatu Maru incident simply as cynical pre-election ploys. It shows the complete lack of an ethical compass at the very heart of the B.C. Liberal organization.

In a clear admission that her government had crossed the line, the Premier has offered an apology and ordered an investigation.

Unfortunately, the investigation into activities originating within her own Office will be conducted by the Premier’s own deputy minister and any further details are secret.

I am absolutely shocked by this behaviour. The abuse of power by the B.C. Liberals can only be stopped by expelling them from office on May 14.



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