Tuesday September 02, 2014

Music profile: Kamloops rock band Chapter 9 answers Who R You?

Kamloops rock band Chapter 9


Corey Thomaser — guitar and vocals
Dustin Khadikin — guitar and vocals
Rob Kunhegyi — bass and vocals
Pat Nichol — drums
CRAFT: Rock Band — bringing old school and new school into one tidy package.
THE BEGINNINGS:  Some quick history: Corey played in a band with Pat. Pat left that band and joined another in which Dustin was in. Dustin went on to leave that band to pursue other things . . . with Corey, and shortly after that Pat was back. The guys advertised for the last slot (bass) and along came Rob.

Since Rob joined the band in April, Chapter 9 has put together a deep set list made up mostly of originals with some covers in the mix and is well through recording six new singles of which the first, Let it Roll, was recently released on 98.3cifm and on the band's website.
Music gives the band a voice to speak about what they feel. The band is looking forward to the upcoming release of their song Life Can Break You, a song about the realities of struggling with cancer — the fight within, the support, the ups and downs. The band is nearing completion of the recording of the song, and is working on an independent video to go along with it. Although some of us in the band have been deeply touched by cancer in the past, it wasn’t until the last year that our vocalist was directly touched, and unfortunately this year it really dug its claws into Corey’s family and friends. Life Can Break You is based on the vocalists experiences from the last year, and resonates with each of the members past own experiences as it will with so many others who hear the song. The band will be posting the song as a download when it’s complete and will be donating 100 per cent of any proceeds from the song and video directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.
DAY SHIFT: Four busy guys managing the everyday responsibilities including professional working careers, families, businesses, etc. We all run crazy schedules, but make the time to fit it in.
IN FIVE YEARS . . .  We hope to still be around, maintaining connections with the same people we connected with at our very first shows. Mainly, we all just love the creativity and playing. Whether at a show or songwriting during rehearsals, we just enjoy playing music together. As long as we can produce music that is relative and that people can connect with, that’s all we are in it for. See y’all in 5 years!
BRIGHT LIGHTS:  Find our music here. We give our friends a say here. Find our most current random rumblings (news, events, happenings) here or @Chapter9band. You can also request our singles, Let It Roll, So Long & Let It All Out at 98.3cifm, Kamloops' Best Rock!


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