Thursday April 24, 2014

Costume ban makes sense

Apparently, hell hath no fury like a parent whose child isn’t allowed to dress up for

The furor over the no-costume policy at Arthur Stevenson elementary school this year has us scratching our heads.

Since the story went online on our website Thursday, parents have been railing against political correctness in the school system.

Sorry, but the War on Halloween really doesn’t seem to be happening, judging by all the smiling faces and funky costumes on the streets on Thursday.

School District 73’s policy on letting individual schools set their own guidelines for Halloween attire is perfectly appropriate, and Arthur Stevenson principal Carol Robb’s rationale is detailed, thoughtful and completely understandable.

It wasn’t to play Halloween Grinch, but due to the numerous practical points that  costumes can be distracting in the classroom, tend to heighten existing behavioural issues (think of the meltdown that can go on when children even lose a mitten, never mind the hat, nose or wand of a costume), limit physical activity, excludes children whose families do not celebrate Halloween, and can be inappropriate, citing students dressed up as pimps and Britney Spears gone bad.

Besides, students still got to enjoy a fun event at the school — a Black and Orange Spirit Day Dance.

No student is being “robbed” of his or her right to dress up as ghoulishly as they choose and celebrate Halloween — on their own time and under the supervision of their own families, not educators, who already have their hands full.

On school time, if costumes are a distraction or a source of problems for the students and staff at a school, then they shouldn’t be there — period.

Robb made a common sense decision that she felt was in the best interest of all involved, as school leaders should.

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