Wednesday April 23, 2014

Rob Ford for senator!

Some jobs are part-time, some are full-time.

Some are all the time — no matter where you are or what you are doing, you are your job.

Elected officials are among those — mayors, for instance. Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, the distinction between the person and the office they hold is thin at best and usually non-existent.

Take, for instance . . . oh, let’s pick Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

After Tuesday’s surreal spectacle of Ford admitting, after months of lying, that he did, in fact, smoke crack cocaine, but explaining it by the fact that he was in “one of my drunken stupors” (his words), we think it will be tough for B.C. to reclaim its title as home of the weirdest politics in Canada.

This train wreck of a mayoralty has focused attention on just how hard it is to get rid of a mayor when typical things, like common sense or the shame of being mocked and vilified around the world, just don’t work. Short of being convicted of a criminal offence, which doesn’t look likely, there’s no way of kicking Rob Ford out of City Hall.

Or is there? A read of the City of Toronto Act, the provincial legislation which created the
megacity through amalgamation back in the 1990s, has one tiny loophole.

Section 203.1 states: “The following persons are not eligible to be elected as a member of city council or to hold office as a member of city council: . . . A member of the  Assembly as provided in the Legislative Assembly Act or of the Senate or House of Commons of Canada.”

Yes, the one person in Canada with the power to get rid of Ford right now, other than Ford
himself, is Prime Minister Stephen Harper, by appointing him to the only other place in Canadian politics that is as much of a circus as Toronto City Hall — the Senate.

The odds of this actually happening are lower than Mike Duffy ghost-writing Harper’s memoirs.

But wouldn’t it be a fitting conclusion to both of our current national soap operas?

We Say editorials represent the viewpoint of The Daily News and are written by publisher Tim Shoults, city editor Tracy Gilchrist, or associate news editors Dan Spark and Mark Rogers.

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