Friday April 18, 2014

Ministry: pay heed to seniors

Seniors are a fiercely independent bunch.

They don’t like to be a burden and many would rather continue to live at home as long as they possibly can, instead of being tucked away and forgotten in an unfamiliar facility somewhere.

Mind you, care facilities are a lot more homey than they used to be, but we can respect the sentiment of wanting to continue to enjoy the freedom and feeling of self-worth that comes with residing in one’s own home and looking after yourself.

And it shouldn’t be too much to ask for them to want supports in place that allow this to happen from a government that they spent their entire lives paying taxes to.

Yet, this week’s analysis by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives of recommendations made by ombudswoman Kim Carter about seniors care says the Ministry of Health is failing seniors in this regard.

Of 140 recommendations directed at the ministry regarding seniors care, 66 per cent were ignored and only six per cent fully implemented.

Included in those collecting dust on a shelf — or not in play at the very least — was the point that the ministry has not ensured there are standardized levels of care and service for seniors no matter where they live.

It’s easy to imagine that seniors in the more densely populated areas are finding better and more accessible services than those living in rural zones, like many of our readers.

The same standard of care should be available everywhere.

Additionally, the CCPA report also noted government has not evaluated whether the home support program is really helping seniors to continue to live in their homes.

Seniors are responsible and do their best to look after what they have, be that their health, families or homes.

They should at least expect the same from government — that it will look after programs it has in place and evaluate their effectiveness to ensure they’re doing what they’re supposed to.

Our seniors deserve the best we can give them and hope Health Minister Terry Lake is paying attention to this stunning lack of progress on something so important.

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