Thursday April 24, 2014

Innovation key to feeding Canadians, rest of world

Re: Bad Science? Scientists In Kamloops To Warn About Dangers Of Genetically Engineered Foods, The Daily News, Nov. 27.

Kudos to Daily News reporter Sylvie Paillard for not simply giving voice to one side of the GM story. As Jennifer Armen revealed in the article, biotechnology is helping us fight disease, grow food in the face of drought and help people eat healthier.

Canadians have access to one of the safest and most abundant food supplies in the world, thanks in part to plant biotechnology, the safety of which has been proven again and again by independent research and regulatory bodies around the world, including the World Health Organization.

Technology serves to enhance many aspects of our lives and agriculture is no different. It is only through continued innovation — including plant biotechnology — that farmers will be able to continue to operate in an environmentally sustainable way while increasing their yields to produce enough safe food to feed Canadians and other people around the world.

Consumers also reap the benefits at the grocery store. With the help of plant science innovation, including plant biotechnology, Canadians save almost 60 per cent on their grocery bills.

I encourage consumers to learn more about the safety and benefits of foods grown with modern plant science innovations before they take the word of people spreading lies and mis-truths that were debunked long ago.


CropLife Canada


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