Tuesday April 15, 2014

Main roads given good rating, residential roads not so good

'Potholes are cheap traffic calming'

City capital projects manager Kristen Meersman gives her report to City council.

A road-rating system puts Kamloops’s main streets at a fairly good 80 Pavement Quality Index, while residential streets were given a 60.

The rating includes three factors: riding comfort, surface distress and structural adequacy (beneath the asphalt), City capital projects manager Kristen Meersman told council Tuesday.

The score is out of a total 100. As the number drops, the money needed to repair the road goes up.

Meersman said the last full road review done in Kamloops was in 2003, when the PQI for main roads was 81. Another look, though not as comprehensive, in 2008 showed the rating had fallen to 66.

In 2012, it was back up at 80 for main roads and 60 for local roads.

Poorer road quality in the residential areas means people will slow down, which actually makes them safer, Mayor Peter Milobar quipped.

“Potholes are cheap traffic calming,” Meersman added.

The City’s annual road costs break down to $1.5 million on arterials, $700,000 on collectors and $1.2 million on local streets.

A consultant has estimated at that rate of spending, the PQI will drop to 70 in a decade.

“We'd like to do more analysis going forward and collect information more frequently to develop a specific city deterioration curve,” she said.

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