Saturday April 19, 2014

Still hoping for return of ashes

Husband's remains taken during break-in at her home
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Brock Estates resident Wynn Feser holds up a jewelry box that was emptied of its contents by thieves who broke into her trailer.

Months have passed since a break-in at Wynn Feser’s mobile home, and she can’t stop thinking about her husband’s missing ashes.

She thinks about the brown box with her name on it and Sands Funeral Chapels Vancouver written on top. But most importantly, she thinks about Vic’s remains inside.

They’re his ashes, and she wants them back, she said Tuesday.

Feser has thought about them every day since the break-in at Brock Estates on the May long weekend, said Feser.

“They’ve taken all my memories away,” she said. “It’s not worth anything to anybody else but me.”

The feeling is like losing something and knowing it’s there somewhere, but not being able to find it, she said. Which is why Feser is appealing a last time for the return of the ashes.

“I’m thinking, did I do enough to try and find them or do I wait for someone to come up with them? You’re sort of out in limbo,” said Feser.

She was visiting a relative when her home was burglarized between May 17 and 24. Her neighbour checked the property on the night of the 24th and discovered the screen in her small bathroom window ripped open and the back door ajar.

The home was ransacked and her TV, stereo, jewelry, bottles of liquor and her mom’s rolling pin taken. So, too, was the chest containing Vic’s ashes.

Feser walked her neighbourhood during the weeks that followed, hoping to find the brown box with her ashes inside. She looked in ditches and the tall grass along the side of the road and beside the train tracks, but found nothing.

At the time, she asked the culprits to leave the box at a church or someplace where it will be discovered and returned to her. She’s renewing that request.

“Even if they leave it in a store or something, because my name and address and everything is on the box,” she said.

RCMP continue to investigate. Cpl. Cheryl Bush said the unfortunate reality is the thieves likely discarded the chest or what was inside.

“That’s the sad thing. Someone might not have realized what was inside,” she said.

But Bush was quick to add there’s always a chance the ashes are still in someone’s possession.

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