Saturday April 19, 2014

Parking meters create safety issue

I’m not sure how this new parking metering system came to be approved but there seems to have been a deficit in forethought on a couple of issues, for example, personal safety.

Consider a darkly lit area on a cold evening. A woman approaches a station for the first time and attempts to navigate its complexities.

But the instruction panel is not illuminated, making the challenge more difficult. The ambient temperature is dropping to –16 C and she can’t feel her fingers as she tries to find the letters on a non-qwerty keyboard.

Just as she is approaching a possible moment of triumph and is about to put coins into the machine, she is accosted by a scruffy-looking individual demanding money.

This intrusion breaks her concentration and out of fear, abandons the project, gets back to her car and considers whether it is worth her while to try shopping downtown in future.



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