Thursday April 24, 2014

Love affair with downtown parking meters short-lived

I read with interest the account of the colourful cones replacing two of the new parking pay stations downtown (The Daily News, Dec. 3).

Those new stations were to be the flagship of technical advancement.  

Standing tall, a testament to all that’s fair and true, they glittered proudly on their Initiation Day, Nov. 12. Each unit weighing in at a reported 200 kilograms, no mortal was any match for their power and might.  

Replacing the old but still functional mechanical units, the pay stations demanded our reverence and awe!

Relationships demands commitment. Indeed, our relationship with these modern marvels is to span at least 10 years of contracts, pay down and tears. That’s true commitment!
Youngsters who are just starting grade school will have become full-fledged “high schoolers” before this initial commitment period has ended.

Sadly, within a very short period of time, two of these magnificent multi-multi-multi functional marvels were reduced to simple orange plastic traffic cones.

“But, sir, there must have been a rigorous and extensive series of complaints for this to have happened! How could they? All we had before were those puny little steel rods in comparison. They held a practically useless piece of equipment on their apex and they were really only good for one thing!”

To our utter disappointment, two pay stations have fallen prey so quickly to pressures not measurable even on the open-ended Richter scale.  

“We’ve relocated a couple of them based on feedback from customers and businesses. We tried to put them in the best places possible, we’ve listened to some of the feedback,” he said on Monday. This was the quote from the City’s official to explain this early defeat.

Perhaps there is still hope for it is the season for miracles, after all. Think of the children, you Grinch of Parking Present!  

“From Kiosk to Cone;” sounds like the title of a new book! Pardon me, if you will, the keyboard calleth.



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