Thursday April 24, 2014

Smart meter fight continues

This is in reply to the recent letter, Hydro Overcharging For Reading Meters (The Daily News, Nov. 15).

Lets see here. I believe it was 66,000 B.C. residents whom refused the smart meters (doesn’t matter the reason in this example) times this $35 monthly billing.

Well, that equals an astounding figure of $2.3 million a month, to read the 100 per cent working analogue meters in B.C.

And what for? These 66,000 Canadians living in B.C. having defended their right to choose, successfully.

In another example, this would be akin to Big Brother informing you that, say, the beautiful old ‘55 Chevy (you may own) and runs perfectly, must now be updated from an older (perfectly running) carbureted vehicle to that of the newer fuel injection system while citing “the better efficiency argument,” which is not so unlike this smart meter issue, in B.C.

Can you imagine the public outcry from collectors stating “you can hit the road with the efficiency argument.”

You’d argue that your carbureted ‘55 Chevy runs perfectly. Besides which, it came with a carburetor.

You’d argue that this is your car (like your home) and this compliance shall remain “your choice.”

There were 66,000 B.C. residents who had refused the smart meters as their homes’ analogue meters were in 100 per cent working order. B.C. Hydro lost that round publicly.

Now this $35 fee? It doesn’t sound like this war on B.C. Hydro is over yet, not by some 66,000 peeved off B.C. residents that stood up for their Canadian right — to choose.



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