Thursday April 24, 2014

Backbencher Chong shows courage

I do not trust the Conservatives.  I believe they are a bad party with an abysmal commander. In my view, their governance of our nation is wretched, retrograde, often shameful and on occasion, even criminal.

So, for me, there is considerable irony in the fact a proposed private member’s bill (Bill C-559) to actually improve how government is conducted, originates with a Tory (The Daily News, Dec. 4). MP Michael Chong is a backbencher who has shown considerable courage in standing up to his autocratic PM/PMO.  

Chong has dared draft a law that would require leaders and headquarter executives not interfere in constituency-level candidate selection. It would also hold leaders accountable to the will of their MPs.

I hope all MPs of all parties and their executives support Bill C-559 and ensure its smooth passage into law.

Pity about the escape clause that lets the PMO off the hook until after the next election, but otherwise it looks to be a positive move.  

For a change.



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