Friday April 18, 2014

City gives grow-op house second going over in four years

If at first you don’t succeed, grow, grow again.

The City has just done an inspection and given a green light for a second time on a Pineview Valley house that has been used for a marijuana grow operation. Twice.

City property use inspector Dave Jones said Friday the house at 1885 Lodgepole Dr. is in a fairly quiet spot with only one close neighbour.

“This is the second time this house has come across our table in the last four years. It appears it’s in a good location,” he said.

The first owner was from the Lower Mainland. When the grow-op was discovered in the rental house at that time, it was remediated and then sold.

“Our message has always been if you have a rental, be prepared to check it often,” he said.

Then in April 2012, police discovered another grow-op in the house.

The second owner was asked to do the remediation needed, didn’t comply, and so the bank had to take it over and deal with mold and modifications that had been made to the house.

That work was just completed this fall said Jones, who gave the house a final inspection on Thursday.

Neither grow-op involved medical marijuana.

With the remediation work now done, the bank and property management company can put the house out on the market. Any potential buyers will know what work has been done and what still needs to be done.

“There will be some stuff to fix up on this one. The previous owner did some stuff that might need to be modified,” said Jones. But all of the marijuana-related work is complete and it’s deemed safe.

“It’s a good house.”

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