Sunday April 20, 2014

Red Nose partners with local DD service

Operation Red Nose only operates during the Christmas season, but the designated-driving campaign wants people to get home safe all year.

Which is why volunteers will promote local service Zero Tolerance DD during the busiest night of the year on New Year's Eve, said Red Nose co-ordinator Katie Klassen.

"Operation Red Nose just wants people to get home safely. Whether they use us, they use Zero Tolerance, they take a cab or have their own designated driver," said Klassen. "Just do anything to get home safely."

Barry Salter started Zero Tolerance three years ago as a year-round designated driving service. Like Operation Red Nose, drivers pick up people from parties, clubs or a friend's house and drive them home in their own vehicle.

Unlike Red Nose, people pay for the ride. Owner Barry Salter said there's a $25 fee for the first four kilometres and $5 for every four kilometres after.

Even then, Zero Tolerance is often cheaper than taking a cab, said Salter.

"We've been out to Pritchard. We've taken people to Chase, Barriere, Merritt, Logan Lake," he said. "People really rely on the service."

Salter met with Carolyn Boomer, founder of Operation Red Nose Kamloops, and discussed Red Nose promoting Zero Tolerance and offering 10-per-cent off coupons for his service.

"They'll let them know this is 365 days a year also," he said.

Salter said business is steady, but he's heading into the busiest night of the year, which is New Year's Eve.

Klassen said Operation Red Nose's second weekend was busy, with 91 rides provided on Friday and 129 Saturday.

Christmas party season is in full swing, and expects next weekend to be busy too, she said.

The number to call for Operation Red Nose is 250-372-5110. Zero Tolerance can be reached at 778-220-9376.

Meanwhile, Fox'N Hounds Pub owner Al Deacon offers a free bus ride to Blazers games for pub guests.

Although it's been called the party bus, no liquor is sold on board. Deacon said the bus is a way to get people to the hockey game and back safely.

His comments came a day after the province issued a news release reminding people it's illegal to consume liquor in a commercial vehicle like a party bus.

Deacon said there aren't any party buses in Kamloops, but the service does exist in the Lower Mainland.

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