Friday April 18, 2014

Croplife Canada exhibits paranoia

Regarding the Dec. 2 letter to the editor by Lorne Hepworth.

It puzzles me that Lorne Hepworth, president of Croplife Canada in Ottawa, would know about the Cross Canada Speakers Tour that came to Kamloops on Nov. 27 and that he would have time to write to our local newspaper concerning what this tour represents.  

I wonder about the paranoia that must be present in his organization which would address such an event so far from his offices in Ottawa.

Is he as a politician, farmer and veterinarian qualified to accuse “people,” assuming he meant Dr. Thierry Vrain and Dr. Shiv Chopra, were “spreading lies and mistruths?”

His company, according to its website, “represents the manufacturers, developers and distributors of plant science technology, including pest control and the production of plant technology for use in agriculture.” These companies have a multi-billion dollar vested interest in pest control, which includes genetically engineered food.

GE Free Kamloops, the group that invited Dr. Vrain and Dr. Chopra’s Speakers Tour to come to Kamloops and give a presentation to the people of this community, are concerned about the health impacts of genetically engineered food.

I, personally, don’t profess to be an expert on the production of food, but I do question Hepworth’s claim to the utopia that he feels GMO/GE foods is creating.

I wonder if he can tell me why:

* the organic food industry is growing in leaps and bounds when we have to pay higher prices for it?

* many countries in the world are rejecting GMO/GE foods?

* has rates of incidence of Alzheimer’s, autism, obesity, cancer, gastrointestinal and autoimmune diseases increased at an alarming rate over the past 30 years coinciding with the timeline that GMO/GE foods entered the market place?

* bees are dying at an alarming rate?

* the chemical companies are spending millions of dollars to prevent food manufacturers from identifying GMO/GE ingredients on food labels?

He makes the claim that pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered foods have brought down the price of food yet our health care system costs are rising at an alarming rate.  

If he could convince me that he is 100 per cent sure that altering the DNA of our food supply is not creating long-reaching health impacts for present and future
generations, I wouldn’t be taking the time to write this letter.  

I know that because of a lack of long-term studies and trials, he and those companies cannot reassure me that all is well.



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