Thursday April 24, 2014

Reducing postal service is backwards thinking

I think it’s appalling, and I am shocked, that Canada Post reduced counter service at the Seymour Street location, right before the busy Christmas season! It just doesn’t make sense.

Here we have Canada Post predicting the doom and gloom with financial losses (which is not the case if you dig deeper) and they reduce services — what kind of business practice is that? They have it backwards!

It would make more sense to be open longer, to be open on Saturdays and have more staff for the peak season that provides a major portion of their yearly revenue. What are they thinking?

This is a big mistake, really big!

The downtown location was to be the pride of the postal presence and the flagship office for Kamloops with service in both official languages to tourists, residents and business people alike.

I spent 15 years at the Seymour office providing friendly postal service and did my best to increase the customer base and the bottom line for Canada Post.

This move is like a slap in the face and a kick in the teeth for all my hard work on their behalf. Instead of providing more service to the people of Kamloops, Canada Post chooses to provide less.

Smarten up, Canada Post! Closing offices and cutting doesn’t make good business sense and won’t increase your profits.

One person, working alone, can only do so much in an eight-hour shift. Does this make sense when you are constantly complaining about declining sales?



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