Saturday April 19, 2014

Cavers: Has KGHM realized location is wrong?

“Happy Holidays!” and “You are not welcome here!” are genuine statements.

KGHM Polska-Miedz has been holding our community hostage going into our official community plan renewal process since it bought the majority share in the proposed mineral claim from Vancouver-based Abacus Exploration Group a little over a year ago.

The prices of both gold and copper have been dropping in the long run and the costs of production are up from their original guess-timations.

The Ajax feasibility studies and glossy investor brochures are (and have always been) based on minimum average prices that are long gone.

I believe the reason for the delay in KGHM’s Environmental Assessment Office application is not because of the supposed new ore bodies they claim to have discovered.

Either the company has finally accepted that the current boneheaded location is actually the wrong location for a mine or the proposal is no longer viable, but unfortunately this corporation doesn’t have enough regard for the citizens of Kamloops to inform us. How long will the shadow of this dark cloud hover over our community while the proposed project sits perched just over the crest of Aberdeen?

When can we be confident that our families, airshed, watershed, real-estate, image and natural areas area no longer at possible risk by this?  This is really a matter of confidence.

Will this dark cloud ever be gone? I hope so, but just like when I was a wee tot pondering Santa’s existence, I remain a skeptic. The proof is in the pudding!  Holiday side note (using a double-boiler):

* * *

Proof Pudding

Milk (½ litre or so — anything other than skim)

Cocoa powder (a few tablespoonfuls whisked in when milk is lukewarm)

Chocolate (dark is best; add when milk is warmed and until colour is halfway between the milk and the chocolate being used)

Sugar (until slightly sweeter “to taste” than you’d like — when cold it will not taste as sweet as when warm)

Salt (a small pinch)

Starch (tapioca or corn, about a tablespoon dissolved in cold water. While whisking continually, add starch and water to milk-chocolate mixture)

Continue to whisk occasionally, more often the warmer it becomes. Monitor constantly.

* * *

People have concerns about potential environmental and health risks from the proposed mine. Kamloops citizens would need to have an unreasonably high level of trust in this corporation to sleep peacefully while it crushes rock all night long.

It has never made sense from an environmental perspective. The social case is weak at best (see any boom/bust economic model).  And, from lengthy discussions I’ve had with economists with all factors considered, it no longer makes sense from an economic perspective either.

Instead of wasting our time worrying about Vancouver and Polish mining corporations, it would be something to have time on City council to work on something positive for a change — something that really matters, like ensuring everyone in our city has sufficient food and shelter to live a fulfilling life.

I am happy (despite reports) to be serving you as a Kamloops City councillor.

Happy Eggnog!

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