Wednesday April 23, 2014

Canada’s values definitely eroding

I applaud the Wednesday editorial (Would Mandela Applaud Us Now?) on this world icon.

Canada is constantly giving away our ideals to the corporate mandates. Electing governments like the federal Conservatives and B.C. Liberals sees fairness and the middle class constantly eroded.

B.C. having the highest child poverty rate in Canada makes me wonder if we learned anything from the residential schools.

Refusing to allow the B.C. Utilities Commission to do its job with B.C. Hydro, we see now the corporate bottom line for independent power producers will prevail over our ability to school our own children.

Schools may have to be shut with the increases to hydro while we pay these mostly American corporations hyper inflated rates to buy power. All locked in by the corporate friendly B.C. Liberals.

As for the federal government, we will see a Canadian icon — Canada Post — lose 8,000 jobs to save money.

The Daily News’ Thursday article on this issue noted in one paragraph the union saying that for the past five years, the corporation has shown a $500 million profit.

Printing several paragraphs on how the corporation will save money with these cuts then the one small paragraph on what is actually going on is disingenuous, I feel.

I guess email will be the new thing!

Obviously shutting down the union takes precedence for this government over what is right for the country.

Minimum wages will replace the middle-class wages these people make, further weakening our economy. Fits in with the Harper mentality though.

How hypocritical that he would be attending Nelson Mandela’s funeral when an announcement like this is made! Mandela realized the place of unions in raising the common man’s ability to have a comfortable living.

And cuts to the funeral funding for veterans and making the Afghan veterans second-class citizens are two more actions that show what respect the Conservatives have for Canada.

Sad state of affairs, but hey, maybe we can get a few more senators to give the media some ammo.

Cuts to the health transfer payments, no more home delivery of mail . . . why do we pay taxes again?



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