Sunday April 20, 2014

Government cutting in all the wrong places

Having just read the Thursday paper and listening to the latest news about postal cutbacks, the Kelloggs cereal plant closures in Ontario (and earlier in November, the Heinz ketchup plant closure, also in Ontario), I have had it up to here with the results of an increasingly grabby corporate and government culture.

If it doesn’t make the shareholders and owners the the biggest profits possible, then it seems that the ordinary person just has to “suck it up,” while services are cut — or manufacturing is moved elsewhere for the cheapest labour possible.

What is particularly troubling are the amounts of bonuses paid out at the top — and in this

I also include the Canadian Senate where information was also released this week on exorbitant travel costs to “view other countries’ ways,” etc.

Would it be a surprise there is a shortage of funding for services such as postal, health care, education and child care when there is an obvious need for big bucks to cover the costs of politicians and senators, and now, a shortage of taxpaying Canadians due to job losses? (Not to mention the tax benefits that most business seems to enjoy).

What a Christmas it would be, if corporate Canada, the Senate and government announced a radical shift in viewpoint opting to ensure public services and employment were at full tilt before taking huge payouts or unnecessary travel and expenses.

We don’t need to go see Scrooge — we are now living it!



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