Saturday April 19, 2014

Kamloops needs mine to avoid tough future

Is Kamloops trying to decrease the population by getting people to move elsewhere?

Last time I looked Kamloops’s main economic drivers were as follows: tourism, agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing/retail, and high tech.

Now take a look at those and tell me which is the reliable, good paying job at this present time.

It seems that in this day and age everyone has their hand in your pocket. Hydro is going up 28 per cent over five years, water is going up, sewer is going up, the price of groceries is going up, and the list goes on.

Then you add all the layoffs and layoff talks that are happening at this very moment. For example, in the paper on Thursday, Canada Post wants to reduce half of the Kamloops letter carriers in the next five years and previously Domtar laid off the entire A-line, not to mention the rumours we all hear about the mill’s
eventual closure.

Pollard Banknote is gone. You don’t think this affects the city as a whole? All the good paying jobs are disappearing and so is the enticement for young people and retirees to stay and live here.

B.C.’s child poverty rate was announced as being at 18.6 per cent, the highest in the country with the province standing out as doing the least about it — and isn’t that the truth.

To Mel Rothenburger and the vocally-opposed City councillors against the proposed Ajax mine; you may get your wish and Kamloops may not get the mine but I’m telling you right now, young families aren’t going to make it on part-time or minimum-wage paying jobs, so I hope you can figure out a backup plan seeing you won’t listen to anyone’s opinions that don’t show support for your own agendas.

On top of that, let’s see what kind of Communities in Bloom and Tournament Capital you have when there is nobody to pay for it. Good luck.



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