Saturday April 19, 2014

Glover: Electives round out students’ education

Our public education system strives to provide a practical experience for all students.  

Core education is fundamental ­— reading, writing and math are essential to all students.

Supplementing those core subjects are elective courses, which are often engaging and relevant to individual students.

Through a growing number of electives available in our district, an understanding of personal, academic and artistic abilities may evolve.

Courses in art, photography and computer animation, as well as the Digipen Academy, provide students opportunities to learn about light, colour, movement and sound, while encouraging personal growth.  

Through fun activities such as uploading pictures and videos of friends, and learning how to edit and share those mediums, valuable skills are being developed, daily.

Students regularly participate in using social media formats, and the bonus, many employers are now incorporating social media channels into their workplaces and using them to communicate with staff and customers.

Computer animation courses stimulate student creativity and storytelling with focus on lighting, sound, colour and creative-mood building.

Teamwork allows students to navigate hands-on challenges and build time-management skills.

Classroom collaboration in animation development encourages students to share ideas in an environment that supports peer appreciation and confidence building.

School District 73’s new Digipen Academy provides one semester for students to focus on computer animation.

Here, they learn about the computer gaming industry and game design while applying and building upon practical math and physics knowledge.

Rest assured, students enjoy computer time and playing games while testing their
analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

This classroom atmosphere demands professionalism from all students and leads to
collective success of game development designed to industry standards.

These students become extremely appreciative of current animated films and game graphics.

They finish at the academy with a clear understanding of the skills necessary to achieve success in this field, and some strive to obtain employment in the field, too.

Our art, photography, computer animation and Digipen educators continually challenge themselves and students with classroom learning and experiences.

Staff enthusiasm to actively engage students through projects and demonstration of
student work never ceases to amaze me.

A wide variety of opportunities to support active student involvement and personal growth through artistic means is valuable.

Students’ confidence and pride will help achieve lifelong learning goals and benefit society.

Artistic electives are crucial to creating well-rounded, healthy citizens in the future.

Annette Glover is a trustee with the Kamloops-Thompson School District.

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