Saturday April 19, 2014

Canada Post better set up surveillance

This letter is written in as a footnote regarding the Canada Post initiative to cut off urban area mail delivery.

I certainly hope they leave an extra $200 or so for a 30-foot four-inch pipe post and another $200 for a wireless cam, placed high upon it. Then there’s some needed for the cement required per post and the installation. Better yet, add two cans of WD-40 per each post. Routinely spray 10 feet of the post.

Say good-bye to any climbing.

Canada Post, by 100 per cent eliminating our hard working postal delivery persons, and losing up to 8,000 jobs, must surely (they’re a profitable corporation) have the good sense to be offering us monitored security — per each community mailbox that’s installed.

Why? Those 8,000 jobs and paycheques not going out weekly must leave Canada Post enough savings to offer us decently monitored security regarding mail theft and our very private information.

It’s a small investment to make in order to assure urban recipients the peace of mind they deserve. This is the same peace of mind they had formerly enjoyed with home delivery.

Unfortunately, it’s very little solace for the soon-to-be 8,000 laid-off postal workers who will find themselves getting their pink slips and for what?

Doing a great job.



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