Thursday April 24, 2014

Wrong to judge children’s acts by adult standards

Re: Boy Suspended for kissing girl (The Daily News, Dec. 12)

Is our society so skewed that the innocent kiss of a little Denver first-grader on the hand of a playmate can be been labeled sexual harassment?  

What kind of ludicrous thinking projects its own warped outlook on a child?

Surely the world view of life has not fallen this low, that it creates predators out of innocent children?

Children are not adults; their growing brains don’t think like those of adults. Even though their inexperienced eyes are sadly being desensitized by overexposure to various adult versions of twerking, it doesn’t turn them into promiscuous little adults — yet.  It creates troubled and confused children.

Their emotional need is for love and trust — from playmates, from parents, and yes, from teachers, too.  How has pure love been so lost?

If this little boy, who is not even a mature six-year-old, has been aggressive in other ways, his action may require acceptable discipline, but let’s leave the stigma of inappropriate sex in its own arena.  We have more than enough of it there.



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