Friday April 18, 2014

Why wasn’t parent interviewed?

I am writing in response to your Dec. 11 article, Social Workers Fear Client. It seems to me that this article is one-sided. The parent was not interviewed so he could relate his side of the story.

So often in news articles about the Ministry for Children and Families, B.C. Child and Youth representative Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond is interviewed with criticism against the ministry and then Minister Stephanie Cadieux or deputy minister Mark Sieben is interviewed for a rebuttal.

Why are the parents not given the same time and coverage as the agencies? Why are the parents not listened to and their evidence considered? What about the fear that the parents have against a ministry that has taken their children, while uttering threats to the parents?

I always thought that the media operated under the guise of freedom of speech. But it would seem to me that the parents do not have the same freedom or



Editor’s note: The story you refer to was a court story about threats by an individual to ministry staff, threats that were serious enough police investigated and recommended charges, which Crown approved and the case proceeded to trial.  It was not about the man’s child-custody battle.

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