Wednesday April 23, 2014

Posties do much more than just deliver mail

Whether it’s a money-making venture or not, door-to-door mail delivery is part of our culture. I am “one of those people that you meet each day” as the song goes.

I have always enjoyed that part of my job as a letter carrier: having little conversations with people about the latest home renovations, new gardening techniques, the health of a family member or the foibles of local politicians.

Many times I have been a kind ear for a troubled soul or have been let in on some joyous family news. I have alerted numerous residents that their keys were left in their front door.

I’ve helped one person in diabetic shock; called police, fire or ambulance services many times and I’ve reunited countless dogs with their owners. I have one co-worker who interrupted a suicide attempt in the nick of time.

We are in your neighbourhood and we kind of like being there.

To get rid of the postie on a foot route would be to tear a little hole in the fabric of Canadian culture and would weaken the human bond in our communities. The service that Canada Post letter carriers provide is often much more than mail delivery.

It is too bad that the federal government does not recognize the value of this human aspect of our jobs in the climate of the increasingly impersonal digital age.



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