Wednesday April 16, 2014

Christmas stolen from front door

'It’s all meaningful things,' says Brocklehurst resident

All Amanda Armstrong wants for Christmas is whoever took the parcel full of presents that were left at her front door to give them back.

She said the package from her mother didn’t contain an iPad or other electronic toy of the hour, but special gifts meant for her and her family.

“It’s all meaningful things,” Armstrong told The Daily News on Wednesday.

Included in the box were an apron and oven mitts Armstrong’s grandmother made for her when she was a girl. Her grandmother passed away last Christmas, she said.

Armstrong mailed a Christmas parcel to her mom on Vancouver Island on Dec. 9, the same day her mother sent the package of presents her way.

The parcels were expected to take three days to reach their respective destinations. Armstrong and her mother used tracking numbers to follow the progress of delivery.

Her mother’s presents arrived hers Dec. 11. Armstrong hoped hers would arrive at her Brocklehurst home that same day, but didn’t, she said.

“Thursday hit. I didn’t receive anything. Friday night when I got home, there was still nothing there,” said Armstrong.

So her mother contacted Canada Post and asked staff to look up the tracking number. She was told the package arrived on the morning of Dec. 11 and was delivered.

“I can assume what happened. My guess is it was taken off my doorstep,” said Armstrong.

Canada Post is investigating. Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 758 president Bob Mitchell said any package that doesn’t require a signature is left at the door.

He said it’s one of the many service reductions Canada Post has made to speed up mail delivery.

“In the past, a card would be left and the parcel would be returned,” said Mitchell.

Given the time of year, some parcels are delivered late. But Mitchell said Armstrong’s should have arrived by now.

Mitchell said some carriers wouldn’t, in good conscience, leave a package at a door, but this isn’t always the case.

Armstrong hopes the presents will turn up or someone will realize what he or she has and return it.   

“Honestly, I really thought someone would open it up, see what’s in it, and think, ‘Oh crap, I don’t want any of this’, ” she said.

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