Friday April 18, 2014

Sad to discover favourite steakhouse closed forever

After 44 Christmases, the majority being under the Mr. Mikes moniker, the steak house at Fortune Shopping Centre in North Kamloops is finished.

As in closed. Forever.

Since Spring 2011, it has been called the Stout House, and carried on the tradition of a self-serve salad bar, soft drink self-serve and blue-collar steaks that Mr. Mike’s served for so many years.

My son and I would drive up from Vancouver to hit Sun Peaks for a day of snowboarding, then drive directly to the steak house to fill our hungry tummies.

Our last trek there had been after a day on the slopes in late March, so when we arrived to eat last week, we were in disbelief that the windows were taped over and there was zero sign of any restaurant life.

It truly is the end of an era. This little dining room was in the same location since spring 1969 in the strip mall in North Kamloops.

It was not fancy, but you knew what you were getting. Kids loved it, and others of all ages, too, that weren’t concerned with wine lists and fancy art on the walls.

As our hunger did not care about nostalgia on that cold Monday night, we ended up hitting a pasta chain restaurant downtown.

Is this what will replace our lovely little steak house? I’m betting the closure was a result of a sluggish economy, a changing diet, and admittedly the prices weren’t overly reasonable.

But something is lost with the closure of such a place. In the same spot, with only one name change, over 44 Christmases?

Gee, what a great week this has been (NOT). First, Canada Post announces plans to stop home mail delivery, single stamps will soon rise to a buck apiece and now our favourite steak house in North Kamloops is gone for good.

What’s next, Christmas called off?

As good as the snow conditions are at Sun Peaks, I have a feeling our journeys to Kamloops will slow somewhat now that our fave place to dine has been shuttered. Merry Christmas, my little steakhouse, we will miss you!


North Vancouver

Editor’s note: You might want to try the new Mr. Mikes at 1200 Summit Dr.

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