Thursday April 17, 2014

Against odds, parcel made it

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience with a member of a public service that is very much in the news right now. She works for Canada Post. Here is the story:

I have an adult daughter who used to live in Revelstoke.

Sadly, she was in a car accident and became disabled, and now she lives in Kamloops to be closer to us, her parents.

Luckily, she still has good friends in Revelstoke. One of these friends recently sent her a Christmas care package.

We live in a townhouse and the friend forgot to put the unit number in the address. When the parcel delivery person couldn’t find us, he returned the parcel to the Dalhousie Post Office to be returned to Revelstoke.

A lovely lady who works there saw the return address on the parcel. She found the friend’s phone number on the Internet and tracked her down in Revelstoke.

The friend gave her our phone number and the postal lady called me directly to make arrangements for delivery.

Now the parcel is safely here in time for Christmas. What fantastic customer service!

I would love to tell you her name, but in the draconian climate at Canada Post, she would probably be disciplined for using too much time with this parcel.

Thank you, Ms. Canada Post, you know who you are.



P.S.: I’m a senior, and as I said above, my daughter is disabled. I guess we both qualify as persons who would “benefit from the exercise” of walking to a community box.

Merry Christmas, Deepak Chopra, (Canada Post’s chief executive).

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