Friday April 18, 2014

Posties work long hours to keep up with demands

Re: the Dec. 16 letter, Canada’s Postal Service Obsolete.

The facts say otherwise. Every letter carrier is being offered as much overtime as they can work. Mail is being delivered on Sundays. Every person working at the Kamloops Mail Processing plant is offered overtime on a daily basis. Part-time workers are working full time. Every night a parade of casuals enters the processing plant.

What do you think we are doing? Playing bocci? Letter carriers are now required to work until 9 p.m. to deliver their routes and plenty are.

I’m not sure which one of my 500 customers doesn’t use the post office anymore as they all got mail today.

Somehow, despite assertions that email has made us obsolete, postal workers have managed to grind out a profit 17 out of the last 18 years, $543 million in the last five years.

Most of this profit is being squandered by managers building “super plants” (one in Richmond cost $400 million) and trucking mail around the province in a failed attempt at saving money.

Would those individuals who don’t need the post office anymore please identify yourselves because I can’t find you.

Not one person, to my knowledge, in Canada has yet to phone the post office and tell us “you know what, don’t come to my house because I don’t need you anymore.”

I have been a letter carrier for 37 years and am working in Barnhartvale.

BOB MITCHELL, president

Kamloops CUPW

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