Thursday April 24, 2014

Group seeks like-minded people for Transition Town

A healthy, self-reliant and sustainable way of life is possible as long as like-minded people come together, according to the organizers of a Transition Town event.

Transition towns are one of many concepts people have developed as a way to respond to a climate change and economic instability, said Eli Pivnick.

"Problems are getting larger and, although we've been talking about living sustainably for 24 years, it isn't happening," said Pivnick.

"More fundamental changes need to take place, but the scary part is how to get from here to there."

He said there are thousands of transition towns around the world working to build resilience to peak oil, climate destruction and economic instability.

In order for this to work, society has to come together. Divnick, a teacher and former research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, said this is where transition towns come in.

The concept began in Kinsale, Ireland, in 2007 when the Transition Network was founded to support communities around the world as they become a place where local economies are valued and nurtured, where lower energy use is a seen as a benefit, and where enterprise, creativity and building resilience are the cornerstones of a new economy.

"It's a question of getting people together who feel like a new direction is needed, and start to discuss and develop ideas of where we want to go, and start moving in that direction," said Divnick.

"I think a lot of people are searching for something that makes sense in terms of their way of life."

Which is why Kamloops 350 will host a transition town meeting at the Kamloops Art Gallery on Saturday, Jan. 25, at 11 a.m. Divnick hopes enough people attend and a movement started that will make Kamloops a sustainable place to live.

Gisela Ruckert of Kamloops 350 said the goal is to assess people's interest and, if there's enough, take things to the next level.

"There has to be a community-wide effort if it's really going to gain momentum," she said. "It's really an inspirational model."

Kamloops 350 is a global grassroots movement to address the climate change crisis.

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