Thursday April 24, 2014

New parking kiosks awkward for tall people

How many of us would buy a new vehicle without a test drive? Probably very few.

Pay for that vehicle with taxpayers' money and a test drive seems less necessary.

That's what City council appears to have done with purchasing the new parking kiosks, which I'm almost certain were designed and constructed by Santa's elves during their slow period.

The average height of a Canadian man is about five feet eight inches and yet I see people shorter than that standing at a kiosk either bent over forwards or backwards (limbo style) trying to operate these tools of the elves.

The coin slot is knee level and the receipt comes out even lower.

The fix is easy, although probably not cheap, and certainly not necessary.

To bad someone didn't test drive them and determine the business part needed to be at least eight inches higher.

Until then, I will try to reduce my stress level by going out of my way to park where being tall isn't a handicap and I don't have to feed the "Keebler Kiosk."

Bryce Williams


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