Sunday April 20, 2014

Nurses not guards of patients

Regarding the stories on nurses being attacked by psychiatric patients at Hillside Psychiatric Centre (The Daily News, Dec. 20, Dec. 21).

I am a psychiatric nurse, trained at Maudsley hospital in England.

I am five feet six inches, weigh 120 pounds and worked in forensic wards with double locks.

Lucky to say, I have never been touched by a patient.

A psychiatric nurse is not a guard and numbers are not a way of looking after patients.

It is important to first, try to understand the patient, then use the knowledge of therapy and

Sometimes, if you label someone mentally ill, he or she will act out to show you that he or she is mentally ill, especially in the cold months of winter.

In psychiatry, just like general medicine, a trained RN does not mean that you can nurse patients with all illnesses. You have to specialize in different areas of medicine. Extra training or post-graduate training is needed to work with patients with a specific type of problem.


Killam, Alta.

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